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Consumer Goods

CGX securitizes consumer goods allowing investors to trade the rights to future sales for potential profit providing immediate cashflow for E-Commerce sellers globally

Evolving e-commerce lending

CGX provides a platform for investors to buy rights to proceeds from their sale and trade them in a secondary market
Main features

What CGX about


CGX can integrate with E-Commerce marketplaces globally thus providing investors with a higher volume of future sales and potential profits.

Sell Future Sales

Sellers from global marketplaces can sell the rights to their futures sales in exchange for capital up front - No longer needing to take high interest loans or factoring existing receivables for cashflow to expand your business. We are currently accepting sellers globally.

Trade like stocks

CGX securely allows investors to trade the rights to future sales of goods on global marketplaces. CGX provides business and product performance data giving investors the research needed to potentially profit from the growth of E-Commerce without starting a business

Fulfillment Technology

CGX is built as a robust exchange technology allowing for integrations with inventory management systems. As a result CGX can account for sales from anywhere in the globe.

CGX protects your investment

Exchange securely integrates with the majority of banking institutions

Security and Compliance

CGX provides the ability to trade securities of future consumer goods sales in accordance with U.S regulations to satisfy auditors. At this time we are only accepting accredited investors in America and any foreign national who would like exposure to the growth of e-commerce sales.


CGX is a fully compliant platform built using proven capital markets technologies. CGX provides robust security authentication and integrates with the majority of retail and E-banking platforms.​

CGX Platform​

How it Works


What people are saying

John Lawson​

“With over 15 years of Commodities trading experience CGX finally provides direct exposure to E-commerce without starting a business! I diversify my investments with direct exposure to E-Commerce and the growth of Consumer goods sales without having to be an expert research analyst”

Jay Neu


Our Team

Those who stays behind

With an education in Finance and Accounting Shawn Muthraja has over 15 years of experience in multiple industries ranging from Commodities Futures Trading, Lending and over the past 8 years developing business in the Tech sector leveraging key partnerships. Shawn has generated over $100MM in revenue selling technology solutions to Large Enterprises and led the expansion of several foreign SaaS organizations into North America - with solutions catering specifically to Enterprise Retail and E-commerce Businesses. Over the past 4 years Shawn has led a team of experts to build CGX - the worlds first securitized platform trading consumer goods futures and a vision to allow investors everywhere to potentially profit from the items we purchase and consume daily.
Shawn Muthraja
Founder | CEO
Yuri has a history of leading technical teams in order to accelerate product scalability and company growth with a wide technical enterprise expertise. Over the past 10 years Yuri has been hands-on with leading experience in all 3 key areas of software delivery. Yuri has advanced knowledge in Cloud Native technologies and IT processes and continues to be an active thought leader in the IT engineering sector. 
Yuri Bushnev
Co-Founder | Engineering Lead
Ogo Nwanyanwu is a FinTech strategist, investment analyst, and capital markets researcher with 18 years of experience serving as a liaison between C-level executives and developers providing long-term value and profit for stakeholders. On the product side, Ogo identifies, analyzes and forecasts industry trends across emerging technologies to improve business models, processes, efficiency, competitiveness, and growth. As an analyst and researcher, Ogo conducts in-depth economic, geopolitical, market, industry and company analysis in order to recommend investment ideas that focus on growth and capital appreciation.
Ogo Nwanyanwu
Co-Founder | Capital
Markets Expert
Our Advisors

And those who help us

Joe Daniels
Mccarter & English,
Outside Counsel
Reshmi Muthraja
Vp Of Data & Analytics
Indy Dhiman
Sr. It Security Architecta
Rob Provenzano
Mrj Systems,
Partner/sr. Developer
John Lawson
E-commerce Thought Leader,
Power Seller
Jay Neu
Merchant Services Expert,

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